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How will companies recover after the epidemic?

Issuing time:2020-10-22 14:12

Large enterprises generally reflect the epidemic prevention materials at present order began to recover or saturated, enterprise production, export gradually back on track, but because the importer puts forward new requirements to terms of payment and terms of payment, in the case of foreign epidemic has yet to ease, companies worry that the outbreak repeatedly lead to credit risk, in the short term, not long single, single, rather than the small single, short list.Therefore, it is predicted that if the global epidemic continues to ease before the end of the year, the export will continue to stabilize in the third and fourth quarters, and the overall trend will continue to improve, but the rebound speed and strength will not be too fast.

From January to July of 2020, the import and export of textiles and clothing presents the following characteristics:

First, exports have increased for four consecutive months, and commodities have picked up

Second, the general trade export maintains the high speed growth, the private enterprise whole country.

Third, clothing exports to major markets are gradually picking up, and international market procurement will return to the normal track as the epidemic improves.

Iv. Epidemic prevention materials are still the main force driving export growth, and the export situation of traditional bulk commodities has improved slightly.

5. Guangdong's exports rebounded rapidly, while Beijing and Hubei continued to grow at a high rate.

Six: import decline does not reduce, indicating that the recovery of the industry still needs time.

Seven: cotton imports rebounded quickly, American cotton accounted for more than one third.

In July, the national economy continued to recover stably, although the cotton area declined, but the output increased steadily.The stock of cotton meets the market demand. The epidemic in Xinjiang has affected the export of Xinjiang cotton, and the domestic spot price has risen.Textile market in the off-season, raw materials to maintain low inventory, cotton commercial inventory decline narrowed.Cotton imports have continued to grow, the epidemic abroad has continued, the cotton drought in the United States has developed, and the contradiction between China and the United States has once again escalated. Affected by various factors, the international cotton price has fluctuated frequently.

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